Senior Citizens Friendly grocery store uses GPS in the shopping cart

Map in the shopping cart for Senior Citizens

Grocery shopping can be quite an ordeal, long aisles with multiple signs, constantly changing sections, and distracting food samples comes between you and your final destination, the checkout.   Large malls will be coming up in India due to recent change in the Government policy pertaining to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).   But, what about old people who gets lost in the large super markets?  God help ‘Kirana‘ (old style small corner shop) store.

What is GPS?  The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location, anywhere on the Earth.  It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.

To tackle this growing social issue, technologists across the world have invented a special shopping cart with a GPS system, for malls that leads confused shoppers to their desired targets, that is check-out or the POS terminal. Targeted for senior citizens:  Do you think a GPS-enabled shopping cart could be a boon to shoppers, who have  been known to go to buy just milk and return with Rs.1000/- worth of junk food?

In the back-end the ERP system will also be recording analyzing data for the ‘Business Intelligence’ (BI) to prepare reports that will tell the sellers information pertaining to fast selling items required by the senior citizens.   This kind of stores will become ‘Senior Citizen Friendly’ store, and from the CRM point of view this may attract more older people too.

This appears to be a good idea for the consumers, but the marketing people in the supermarket may not like this. They have spent lacks of Rupees analyzing consumers’ shopping habits;  that is why layouts keep changing.  It  is specifically to lure customers to spend more time wandering around the aisles, in a hope that the buyer will spend money on things they did not know about but would happily buy.  Next, you may find Apps on your iPhone (or the Android smartphone) that will tell you where you are and which way is the Exit.   Do you think this will really help senior citizens ?

[Source: This post is based on information from switch. com and device. com]

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